Ready Set Grow:

A Lamaze Childbirth Education Series

classesBabymoon Inn is pleased to offer a unique Lamaze childbirth preparation series.  Ready, Set, Grow™ was created by a team of experienced educators and birth professionals.  The result is a series of classes that is not only informative, but also engaging, interactive, and FUN!  In addition to knowledgeable and passionate instructors, you will find that our classes feature hands-on activities, visual aids, and plenty of interaction with partners and other class participants.  What you won’t find is an instructor reading off of a handout or a Powerpoint.  Additionally, we keep our classes small and comfortable, allowing you time to ask questions, get to know other families, and leave feeling confident about the journey ahead.

Taught by a team of Lamaze-certified childbirth educators, our Ready, Set, Grow™ Lamaze series will prepare you and your support person for birth, breastfeeding, and the early days at home with a new baby.  This 5-week series is offered on weekdays from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Topics covered in this series include:

  • Stages of Labor
  • Comfort techniques
  • Positions for labor and birth
  • Massage
  • Breathing and relaxation
  • The role of the birth partner
  • Developing a healthy mindset about “pain”
  • Protecting the birth space
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • Shared decision-making
  • Choosing your birth team
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Breast milk production
  • Setting yourself up for breastfeeding success
  • Resources for postpartum breastfeeding support
  • Normal newborn behavior
  • Normal newborn appearance
  • Newborn care
  • Postpartum care for the new mother

The cost for this series is $350 and includes Ready, Set, Back to Work.

Clients who have taken our series have said:

“My husband and I took the Ready, Set, Grow series of classes and found them invaluable. We had literally never even held a baby and went in hoping for a how-to workshop for everything concerning babies and birth. We walked out with an impressive foundation of knowledge, and even better: the classes were SO fun.” – Haley B.

“The classes are so helpful.  I’m a manly man and participated in breastfeeding classes (wife made me) and birth classes and learned a ton.  They were very interactive with other couples and informative.” – Jonathon C.

“The Babymoon classes really helped my husband and I clarify our expectations and set up goals for what an ‘ideal birth story’ would look like for us. They opened the door to discussing potential complications and how we would handle them. Additionally, we met a lot of great people, many of which we are friends with to this day! We highly recommend the class series to all of our friends, including those following a hospital birth plan.” – Colleen H.

“We are so grateful for the Ready, Set, Grow classes at Babymoon. As first time parents, the classes helped us bond more as a couple and feel confident and prepared for the birth! Highly recommend them.”  – Chelsea C.

“The Ready Set Grow classes gave my partner and I all the medical explanation we needed to understand how to bring our little one gently into this world. Also, having my partner at the breastfeeding class was vital to the success of our breastfeeding experience.”  – Victoria B.

“We enjoyed every class and I always recommend this series to any new mama I meet. I loved how laid back they were. Even though we were going into a new setting with new people we felt like we were at home. And the teachers made us all feel welcome and special. I felt like it was an open place where we could be vulnerable and tell others our fears and worries. It was nice to be around so many other couples who were also open, honest and kind. The teachers were so informative and gave us information that was practical and we actually used it. I’m pregnant with my second and I think to myself, ‘I just took these classes. I don’t need to take them again,’ and then I think, ‘But I loved them so much with my first that I just might have to take them again!'”  – Sarah W.

“My husband and I absolutely loved Baby Moon’s 5-week Lamaze series, for several reasons! For starters, the instructors where very welcoming, genuine, and personable. They always had a smile on their faces and always listened carefully. They were always so focused on preparing us the best they could for what we where going through.  Another reason we loved the classes where because of the people we would meet! It was fun to get to know everyone and see how we were all progressing. I looked forward to talking with the other soon to be moms!  Getting know the women in my class was truly a blessing because after birth we all became good friends.  I wish we could redo all these classes again so we could learn more and connect with more people!” – Katherine D.

Additional classes:

Ready, Set, Blitz™

Running short on time and unable to take a full 5-week childbirth series?  Have you given birth before but need a refresher on labor basics? Join us at Babymoon Inn for this labor/birth/postpartum refresher class. We will cover:

  • the physiology of birth
  • stages of labor and what to expect during each
  • massage and relaxation techniques
  • developing a healthy mindset about “pain” during labor
  • comfort measures and simple tools you can use during birth
  • postpartum care for the new mom

The cost for this class is $100.  Class is offered monthly and space is limited. If you are a Babymoon Inn client who is unable to take our full 5-week-series, you may attend this class at no charge.

Ready, Set, Sibling™

This module is geared toward young children who are going to be welcoming a new sibling into the family. Celebrate the new BIG brother or sister in your family during this class all about them. We will share stories, make a special craft for the new baby, and explore what life will be like with a new baby. One parent is required to attend with his or her child, but both parents are welcome.

Cost: Included for Babymoon Inn midwifery practice or doula clients.  Included in the cost of Ready, Set, Grow™ series.  $30 per child for all other participants.

Ready, Set, Back to Work™

It is common for new mothers to be concerned about how to transition into becoming a working, breastfeeding mother.  This class is recommended for women who will be returning to work after the birth of their baby.  We will cover the basics of breast pumps, the mechanics of pumping, how to build a stash of breast milk, your right to pump in the workplace, and other practical tips for returning to work.

Babies, partners, and other caregivers are welcome to attend this class.

“After taking Ready Set Back to work, I felt a little bit more at peace with going back to work. I was able to make a plan and develop a process to be sure me my little one would be successful in maintaining our strong breast feeding relationship, even if we couldn’t be together 100% of the time.”  – Cindy Y.

Cost:  Included for Babymoon Inn midwifery practice or doula clients.  Included in the cost of Ready, Set, Grow™ series.   Included with a membership to The Nest at Babymoon Inn.  $35 for all other clients.


Postpartum Support Groups and Babymoon Inn Nest Membership

If you enroll in our 5-week Ready, Set, Grow Lamaze series, you can add on an annual membership to The Nest at Babymoon Inn for an additional $50.  A Nest membership includes weekly postpartum support groups (where you will reconnect with your Lamaze classmates!),  crafting events, clothing swaps, lecture series, and more.

Registration and Cost

For Babymoon Inn midwifery practice and doula clients: Please book  our Ready Set Grow™ series and any additional classes you would like to take through MindBodyOnline. There is no additional charge for these classes.

For non-Babymoon Inn clients: :  Please book  our Ready Set Grow™ series and any additional classes you would like to take through MindBodyOnline.  Payment is due at the time of booking.  The cost is $350 for the 5-week series and includes Ready, Set, Back to Work.  The cost is $400 for the series with a Nest Membership included.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please provide at least 24 hours notice to avoid a rescheduling fee.


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