Lactation Consulting

BFingPostpartum Support Group

Babymoon Inn offers a weekly Postpartum Support Group that is open to the community regardless of birth location. Inn Mommies meets at 1:00 every Tuesday at the Nest at Babymoon Inn, located at 220 E. Lexington Ave., directly across from the birth center.  The group is only for babies from birth to crawling, and we talk about anything and everything that is important to new moms!   Join our private “Babymoon Inn Mommies” group on Facebook for weekly topics and to connect with other moms.  *Please note that while this group is run by a lactation educator and breastfeeding may be a common topic of conversation, ALL moms are welcome, regardless of how they feed their babies!

Private Lactation Consultation

Individual Lactation Consultations are available from our staff.

When to see a lactation consultant:
  • you or your baby are having a difficult time with breastfeeding
  • you are experiencing soreness or pain in the breasts or nipples
  • you are concerned about your milk supply
  • your baby isn’t gaining weight adequately
  • you have questions or want reassurance that your baby is breastfeeding and growing well
Please call our office for details.  602-314-7755.