February 2, 2017
What’s happened to your health insurance premiums in 2017? Are you paying more for less? Many of our clients seem to be facing this worst-of-both-worlds scenario.  Would a direct pay, or cash only system provide some relief? TIME spotlights a surgery center in Oklahoma where the entire facility is cash only.  They explain: Sometimes called...
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Sure, the midwifery model of care has great outcomes and client satisfaction.  Candles and tubs.  But – have you heard of the VAGICIAN?!!  Here’s a sample – you must read the rest After he delivered her first baby, he said, “But wait, there’s more!!!”  To the room’s amazement and especially the patient, Kendall Simpson, the...
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Weekly vaginal checks starting at 36 weeks?  Frequent vaginal checks in labor?  Does this policy give your provider important clinical information – or is this an obstetric ritual that exists simply because it hasn’t been questioned? Vaginal checks in labor can be uncomfortable and intrusive.  Amy Wright Glenn wrote a two-part series Dear OB: It’s...
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