March 1, 2017
A fascinating case study and exploration of the WHY behind the delay in evidence to implementation in health care.  Although the article does not address maternal health care, the philosophy is clear – does this sound familiar? David Epstein/ProPublica writes: “Most of my colleagues,” Christoforetti says, “will say: ‘Look, save yourself the headache, just do...
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From time to time, we have lab companies come in and present information about new testing and technology available to offer our clients.   As we sat in the presentation, the complex ethical questions were apparent – especially as we started to consider the future application of the developing technology.  With the availability of more...
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Have you noticed dramatic hair loss during your postpartum “fourth trimester” – and the regrowth of fun little baby hairs along your forehead?   Women’s Health Magazine has a Q & A about this condition that can be scary until you look at the facts (ps – it’s normal). What it is: During pregnancy, you get...
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