April 13, 2017
Anyone who has experienced parenting a baby with colic will tell you how challenging it is. And they will all likely be able to offer some advice, some comfort techniques, or at the least a shoulder to cry on. But it turns out you’ll find more of these parents in countries like Italy, the U.K.,...
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Do you remember the first time you were alone with your baby? Oh no, I’m not talking to you, Mama. Pass your phone to your nearby partner, because this time I’m talking to them. Do you remember that first time? How old was your baby? How long were you alone together? Did you look forward...
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When my daughter was born three years ago, for hours afterward I was too excited to feel hungry. Her birth left me on a high that has yet to go away, even three years later. Food was the last thing on my mind, even though I was under strict orders to eat from my Babymoon...
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