ACOG released new guidance advising providers to consider “low tech, high touch” approach to care for low-risk women.  The Midwifery Model of Care as delivered in the birth center setting has studied this approach, and our data also supports the low-intervention approach as providing a SAFER model of care, avoiding the risk of unnecessary intervention. ...
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You didn’t fail at birth June 9, 2016 by douladiana Dear Mama, I need you to know something.  You didn’t fail at birth. That beautiful birth you planned at the hospital with your partner.  The one where you labored quickly and easily and then started pushing, reveling in that primal power unleashed by a woman giving birth.  The...
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Recently, a study was released that found women are more afraid of childbirth than previously thought.  As a doula and childbirth educator, I opened the linked article with interest, expecting to find that women were scared of pain or fearful that they or their babies may not be healthy.  Instead, their greatest fears included being abandoned...
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During the month of November, Babymoon is celebrating self-care and reminding parents to take some time for yourselves.  We have a host of activities planned, from mini-massages, to dress-down days, to body work sessions, to grilled cheese and tomato soup in the office.  Included in the festivities are mini-facials with Babymoon mommy and esthetician Victoria...
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