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Back to Work Birth Class

One of the most frequent concerns to arise in the breastfeeding portion of our Lamaze series is how to transition into becoming a working, breastfeeding parent. This class is recommended for those who will be returning to work after the birth of their baby. 


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Moms Learning About Breastfeeding at A Babymoon Inn Back To Work Class for new moms

This birth class covers:

  • the basics of breast pumps
  • mechanics of pumping
  • maximizing output
  • building a freezer stash
  • breast milk storage guidelines
  • bottle-feeding a breastfed baby
  • pumping rights in the workplace

    The ideal time to take this class is after the birth of your baby but well before you will be returning to work. Partners are welcome to attend, as are caregivers.

    When should I take this class?

    While you are welcome to take it whenever you like, we strongly recommend taking this class after the birth of your baby.  This will give you time to get breastfeeding established before diving into pumping.  Most parents take this breast pump class between 3-8 weeks postpartum.  Try to take it at least a month before your return to work so we can discuss building a stash before the end of your maternity leave.

    How much does this class cost?

    The cost of this class is $39. It is included at no additional charge for clients of Babymoon Inn and anyone who has taken our 5-week childbirth preparation class series.

    Can my partner come with me to class?

    Yes.  Partners are welcome, as is anyone who may be caring for your baby in your absence.  Caregivers often find it helpful to learn about topics such as warming breast milk and paced bottle-feeding, so we welcome them to class as well!

    How do I sign up?

    Find “Back to Work” on the menu below and click “See when Back to Work is offered.”  Follow the link to find an upcoming class.  Note that the link will only show classes in the next month.  You can also call 602-314-7755 to schedule and we are happy to help you.  Please be sure you are scheduling at the correct location. We host birthing classes in Phoenix, Tucson, and online.

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