Babymoon Inn Class Offerings

From pregnancy, to birth, to breastfeeding, to postpartum, our classes will leave you feeling totally prepared for every step of the journey ahead.  Whether you’re first-time parents or veterans looking for a refresher or a better birth experience, whether you’re birthing in a hospital or at home, whether you’re planning an unmedicated birth or know you want an epidural, you’ll leave our classes with the tools and information to have YOUR best birth.  

Lamaze Series

This is NOT your mom's Lamaze!

A comprehensive 5-week series perfect for first-time parents birthing in the hospital, birth center, or home.


One evening. All you need to know.

A 3-hour information-packed refresher course perfect for parents who have previously given birth.

Back to Work

Pumping, bottles, and more.

A must for breastfeeding mothers returning to work. Class topics include breast pumps, bottles, breast milk storage, and more.

Sibling Class

Just for the big brother or sister.

A fun, self-paced class geared toward children preparing to welcome a new baby to the family.

Private classes

Tell us what you want to know.

Sometimes group classes aren’t the right fit for everyone.  Let us tailor a class just for your needs.

Ready, Set, Grow

Your roadmap to a healthy pregnancy and birth.

An informative class designed for early pregnancy. We’ll help you navigate the journey ahead.