Doula Services

The Babymoon Inn Doulas:

Loving Support from a Skilled Doula

The Babymoon Inn Doulas are a small team of passionate doulas ready to provide you with superior service.  Our doulas have been trained in labor support for unmedicated or medicated births and have extensive experience to help you achieve the birth you desire in whatever location you desire.

When you choose the Babymoon Inn doulas, you get more than just physical and emotional support during your birth.  You also get our entire childbirth education series to prepare you for birth, breastfeeding, and beyond.  Our aim as doulas is to not only be present with you during birth, but to empower you beforehand through constant support and education.

Babymoon Inn doulas are trained to provide physical and emotional labor support in any setting.

What is Included: 

Our comprehensive package includes the following:

  • Initial consult
  • Birth plan preparation visit at 36 weeks
  • Labor and birth support from a Babymoon doula
  • Unlimited Phone/Text support
  • Babymoon Inn’s entire Lamaze Childbirth Preparation Series
  • A one-year membership to The Nest at Babymoon Inn
  • Basic birth photography
  • One Babymoon prenatal massage from an LMT
  • One postpartum visit with a Babymoon Inn Doula

What is a Babymoon Inn Doula?

For  some families, birthing in a birth center isn’t the right fit, but they still seek a beautiful birth in a home or hospital setting.  The Babymoon Inn Doula team was born out of the desire to help all families have the birth of their dreams in the setting that is right for them.  Our doulas can assist you physically and emotionally, while also educating on and navigating through standard hospital procedures.

What you can expect from our doulas:

  • support at your home and/or the hospital
  • positions for labor and birth
  • comfort techniques
  • emotional support
  • involvement of your partner in the birth process
  • knowledge of hospital procedures
  • knowledge of pregnancy and birth
  • facilitation of communication between you and your care provider
  • email/text support leading up to and following the birth

Our doulas aim to facilitate the birth YOU want to have!

In a 2011 study on labor support – the largest study of its kind –  women who received continuous support from a doula were:

  • 31% less likely to use Pitocin to speed up labor
  • 28% less likely to have a Cesarean birth
  • 12% more likely to experience a spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 9% less likely to use pain medications
  • 34% less likely to rate their childbirth experience negatively

We would love to support you at your birth!  Please contact us at (602) 314-7755 or to schedule a free consultation!