Do you remember the first time you were alone with your baby?

Oh no, I’m not talking to you, Mama. Pass your phone to your nearby partner, because this time I’m talking to them.

Do you remember that first time? How old was your baby? How long were you alone together? Did you look forward to the opportunity with excitement? Or were you secretly (or not-so-secretly) a little hesitant?

Being alone with your little humans for the first time can create a wide range of emotions – fear, joy, pride, anxiety, confidence, or sheer terror. And I think we’d all agree that any of these feelings are normal!

In an article for Romper, author Fiona Tapp spoke with 12 partners about the first time they were alone with their baby.

“My wife had to go back into the hospital a few days after the birth and I was left to look after the baby by myself. I was frightened to hold him without a chaperone, but once I got over myself I was fine. I just needed to find my feet.”

I had a rough time at the beginning, and [my son] cried every time I held him. To be honest, I withdrew from him and my wife. I wasn’t alone with him for longer than five minutes until he was a toddler.”

“The first time I watched the baby by myself it was because my wife was in bed sick. I realized how boring it is to look after a small baby. It made me appreciate everything my wife does.”

“I took the baby to the coffee shop. I couldn’t believe all the attention I got. People were talking to me and helping me with the door. I felt like I was famous or something!”

Do any of these responses resonate with you? Moms, do you remember YOUR first time alone with your baby?

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