Not Your Mom's Lamaze

Did you know childbirth classes can be fun?  They can when you take the classes offered at Babymoon Inn.  Created by a team of experienced educators and birth professionals, this 5-week series is not only informative, but also engaging, interactive, and FUN.  Whether you’re having your baby in the hospital, a birth center, or at home, this is the only class series you’ll need.

Join us to learn about the following topics:

  • Stages of labor and what to expect during each
  • Normal birth
  • Comfort tools and techniques
  • Positions for labor and birth
  • Massage, breathing, and relaxation
  • Developing a healthy mindset about “pain” during labor
  • The role of the birth partner
  • Protecting your birth space
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • Navigating interventions
  • Shared decision-making
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Breast milk production
  • Breastfeeding positions and proper latch
  • Normal newborn behavior and appearance
  • Newborn care
  • Postpartum care for the new mother
  • And more!

Included with your class series

The cost for this series is $375.  

*The upgraded class series + Nest membership is $425.

Want to know more?  Check out our FAQs below.


What are the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices?

Lamaze teaches parents birth practices that promote a safe and healthy birth for moms and babies. Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators (LCCE) and Lamaze educator trainees provide evidence-based information so you can make the choices that are best for your family

Exactly how much time will we spend practicing our "hee-hee-hoo" breathing?

None. Lamaze doesn’t promote one specific method of breathing! We will practice some different breathing techniques and discuss how breathing is a tool that can be used during labor. Then it’s up to you to find your own pace and rhythm during labor.

I expect lots of Powerpoints and lecture. Please don't disappoint me.

We generally dislike disappointing people, but we’ll make an exception here. You will find that our classes feature hands-on activities, visual aids, interaction with partners and other class participants, and lots of laughter. There may also be a funny hat and a discussion (or two) about adult diapers.

I'm having my baby at a hospital/birth center/home. Should I take these classes?


Why shouldn't I just take the classes at the hospital?

We love hospitals. Hospitals are a crucial part of our health care system. But hospital classes often teach you how to have their birth and not yours. You may not learn about all of your options or what is currently evidence-based care. Classes based on the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices will tell you all of your options and give you the information you need to have the birth you want to have – all from an unbiased source. Plus we have smaller class sizes and way better snacks.

So if we aren't practicing breathing for five weeks... what are we going to learn?

Our goal is for you to leave armed with knowledge about labor, birth, breastfeeding, and newborn/postpartum care. You will learn what is evidence-based in maternity care, and you will be given tons of tools to help you through labor, birth, and the postpartum stage.

How much does this series cost?

The cost for this series is $375. If you are taking your classes at Babymoon Inn, this includes our Back to Work class. Want a free prenatal massage too? Use promo code LAMAZE when you register. (Valid only for classes held at Babymoon Inn)

What is a Back to Work class?

We thought you might ask that. We will cover pumping, bottles, and breast milk storage in a separate 1.5-hour class we’d like you to take after your baby arrives.

I'm in! How do I sign up?

Call us at 602-314-7755 or register below by clicking “sign up” next to the start date of the series you would prefer.

“When we were expecting our first baby, we thought we knew it all and didn’t need to go to any educational classes. We quickly learned how wrong we were! With our second baby we knew we needed more information and help. Even after already having a baby a few years before, we thought a Lamaze class was just about finding out information and learning about birth.

At Babymoon it is so much more. It is about understanding feelings, developing tools and finding your tribe. We gained life long friends from our Lamaze class. Babymoon functions in a way the promotes so much more then the stereotypical “Lamaze.”  We are ever so grateful for everything we gained from Babymoon and the Lamaze series.”

Samantha S.

“As someone who does a lot of research and likes finding things out for myself, I was incredibly skeptical that Lamaze would add anything to my understanding. But it was clear after our first class that even if I did know a lot of the information, there was plenty I (and my partner) did not. Without the structured learning and group environment Lamaze at Babymoon gave us, we never would have found out what my triggers were in times of physical stress, what actually helped me cope, and how to best communicate to those surrounding me during labor, among so many other valuable lessons.

I think what comes out of the classes is even more than the curriculum, because the community Babymoon has fostered instills confidence, provides support, and offers so much love to you, your partner, and your growing baby. Without Lamaze and Babymoon’s comprehensive education, I don’t think my partner or I would have made it through my long and difficult labor.”

Karen J.

“Even as a second-time mom, it had been a while since i had a baby (5 years). I signed up for the 5-week Lamaze series with my husband who would be dealing with a baby for the first time. I was so surprised at the amount of information that was entirely new to me! As the series went on, my birth plan kept changing with the new information. I’m so thankful, because it gave my husband and i time to bond and learn and prepare for this new experience together. To make new friends who were in the same spot as us. It was great to see that lamaze is nothing like it is on TV!”

Regan C.

“The Babymoon classes really helped my husband and I clarify our expectations and set up goals for what an ‘ideal birth story’ would look like for us. They opened the door to discussing potential complications and how we would handle them. Additionally, we met a lot of great people, many of which we are friends with to this day! We highly recommend the class series to all of our friends, including those following a hospital birth plan.” 


Colleen H.