Meet the Doulas

Renette Shaw

Doula Coordinator

As Renette searched deeply for her purpose in life, she found her name to mean “Reborn.” Things began to move quickly and effortlessly for her as she pursued serving women in the birthing space as a doula. Renette strongly believes that as women, we should support, uplift, and encourage one another, especially in our greatest hours of need for sisterhood.

Renette provides a calming and peaceful presence, which allows a laboring mother to trust her body to do the work of bringing her child into the world, as well as allowing mothers to listen to their intuition. From recommending optimal laboring positions, to offering continuous encouragement, Renette ensures a laboring woman feels empowered in any birth setting by ensuring her voice is heard.  

Renette completed her doula training through DONA International in 2016, along with receiving a certificate in Breastfeeding and Lactation Support. In addition, she has taken extensive training to become a childbirth educator with a focus on the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices. She is also trained in using the TENS machine for laboring women. Renette currently serves as Babymoon Inn’s Doula Coordinator, providing mentorship and training to other doulas.

Kierra Otis


Kierra has always had a passion for serving and empowering women. Her relationship with her own mother and hearing her mother’s (five!) birth stories has impacted her passion for birth and motherhood.

As a doula, Kierra believes in holding space for women and other birthing individuals to make their own informed decisions and labor how they decide is best. Kierra’s approach is often very hands-on, and she provides physical support through massages and counter-pressure. She also provides emotional and informational support.

Kierra received her Bachelor of Arts in Women and Gender Studies and Political Science from the University of Missouri. She received her doula training with Babymoon Inn and is currently pursuing her birth doula certification with New Beginnings Doula Training. Kierra has a passion for education and will be pursuing her Ph.D in Gender Studies at Arizona State University.

Megan Straub, CD(DONA)


As a birth doula, Megan provides complete emotional and physical support for families before, during, and after birth. She believes that when people feel empowered during the birth of their children, they can begin parenthood with positive energy and loving hearts. She supports birthing people by meeting the emotional, physical, and informational needs of the laboring mother and her support person or team, so they can make positive birth memories together.

This includes: comfort massage, breathing and relaxation techniques, reassurance and encouragement, rebozo work, positioning suggestions, facilitating communication with medical staff, and providing a calming environment.

Megan is a certified birth doula through DONA international.

Kate Watson


After becoming a mother, Kate discovered her passion for all things birth-related. She believes in supporting women and empowering them with all of the information necessary during pregnancy and labor. She feels this enables mothers to make informed decisions about their labor and delivery.

She believes in a holistic approach through physical and emotional support and feels strongly about the body’s natural ability to birth and the intuitiveness of mothers. She is passionate about this monumental time in a women’s life and believes in every woman’s right to experience birth the way they desire.

Kate received her doula training through Babymoon. She completed a 200 hour YTT and is a certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance. When she is not working, she is either teaching yoga or caring for her son.

Whitney Wallace-Shahan LMT


Whitney is passionate about encouraging women to listen to their own bodies and create their own birthing experience. She believes every mother is capable of having a healthy and positive birth. Whitney is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and brings to her doula practice the same compassion she brings to her massages. 

As a doula, Whitney likes to bring positive encouragement to the experience. She incorporates massage techniques to reduce discomfort during labor while helping the partner to be involved. Whitney also strongly believes in listening to mothers and holding space for whatever they are experiencing.

Whitney is a native to Arizona and graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in International Affairs before going to massage school in 2011. She enjoys helping people and doing volunteer work in developing countries. Holistic healthcare has always been a part of her life, and she brings her passion for trusting your own body to her doula work.

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