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Julia's Story

I walked into my first birth experience at a traditional inpatient hospital, thinking that I had thoroughly researched all of my options and knew what to expect.  Instead – it was like I walked in to McDonald’s expecting to order sushi.  The hospital staff did not know how to support an unmedicated birth.  So while they offered me all of the tools in their toolbox – epidural, narcotic pain relief, continuous monitoring (hamburgers and french fries), it was not the hydrotherapy, massage, movement (spicy tuna roll) that I was expecting.  I left that experience with my beautiful baby boy…and a desire to find a birth setting that spoke my language for the next time.

That’s how a lawyer (me) and a cpa (Steven) walked in to a birth center.  Steven and I found a midwifery practice and a birth center for the birth of our next child, and we were completely blown away by the differences in the model of care and the birth experience.  I became a confident, active participant in my own prenatal healthcare.  I gave birth to my second son standing up on the bed – I caught him myself.  It was life-changing!  And Steven (who was doing a lot of healthcare consulting for other outpatient facilities at the time) became a HUGE birth center advocate.  He would stop pregnant women on the street and ask them if they had considered a birth center and a midwife.   We felt the mission – how could we not tell everyone about this AMAZING option.

So, if you see me at the Babymoon office, or out and about with my noisy brood of four beautiful children – I’d love to put down my billing for a moment and talk birth centers with you.  If you really are interested, I’ll tell you about how we had to start over before we even opened, and how we back-filled our own plumbing trenches to save money (that’s the picture here and at the top of this page – I paid my kid crew in ice pops that day.  It was hot and dirty work).  My kids will tell you that Jackson (the oldest) is unusual because he was born in a hospital.  That’s how we transform maternity care and create the healthcare revolution!  Join us.

Steven's Story