Heidi Combs M.Ed., LCCE

Heidi Combs, M.Ed., LCCE


Heidi’s passion for natural childbirth, and specifically Babymoon Inn, comes from her own natural birth experiences with her two children.  After her son was born at Babymoon in 2012, Heidi gained a greater passion for natural childbirth and educating families of its value.  Knowing firsthand that birth center birth is an amazing yet unique experience, Heidi hopes to enrich Babymoon Inn families by giving them the tools they need to feel prepared and empowered before, during, and after their birth. Heidi has more than 13 years’ experience teaching both children and adults and is excited for this new chapter educating families at Babymoon.

Originally from Indiana, Heidi now lives in Phoenix with her husband, David, and their two lovable and energetic children, Grace and Blake.

Contact Info

Email : heidi@babymooninn.com