Postpartum Hair Loss

Have you noticed dramatic hair loss during your postpartum “fourth trimester” – and the regrowth of fun little baby hairs along your forehead?   Women’s Health Magazine has a Q & A about this condition that can be scary until you look at the facts (ps – it’s normal).

What it is: During pregnancy, you get a surge in estrogen, which can cause your hair to grow like a weed. But about three to four months after giving birth, the hormone plummets, which helps send many follicles from the growth (anagen) phase to the resting (telogen) phase at the same time—doctors refer to this condition as telogen effluvium. This shedding can last anywhere from four to seven months, says Fusco. And it’s not always a zero-sum game: You can end up losing more hair than you gained during pregnancy.

So, it’s a real thing – you aren’t imagining it!  But what can you do about it?

What helps: If you’re breast-feeding, your options are limited, says dermatologist Kathie P. Huang, M.D., codirector of Brigham and Women’s Hospital Hair Loss Clinic in Boston. Anything that gets in your system could potentially be transferred to your baby (and many treatments aren’t safety-tested on nursing mothers or babies for good reason). A healthy diet goes a long way, as do prenatal vitamins if you have any pregnancy-related deficiencies, like iron, that could hinder healthy hair growth. (Try adding these foods high in iron too your diet.)

For more information, read the entire article here.

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