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During the month of November, Babymoon is celebrating self-care and reminding parents to take some time for yourselves.  We have a host of activities planned, from mini-massages, to dress-down days, to body work sessions, to grilled cheese and tomato soup in the office.  Included in the festivities are mini-facials with Babymoon mommy and esthetician Victoria Bridgford!

Victoria has been married to her husband Kyle for six years and had her beautiful baby boy Kolten at Babymoon Inn last year.  Victoria is an Aveda Institute trained and licensed Esthetician who offers facials at the Nest at Babymoon Inn through her business, Touch of Radiance.  Victoria partnered with fellow Babymoon mommy and skin chemist Chelsea Cavender of Slather Lotions to create a custom line of products that are safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Victoria is getting RAVE reviews for her facials, and we wanted to learn more about her and the services she offers.

What made you want to be an esthetician?

I wanted to become an Esthetician so that I could make people feel beautiful. I started out with my focus in makeup and then while I was in school I fell in love with skin care. This shift occurred when I realized the problems people were covering with makeup could be fixed! Helping people to heal their skin and gain their confidence is incredibly rewarding.

How did you start your business, Touch of Radiance?

The idea to start Touch of Radiance began while I was working in a corporate esthetics environment. When I got pregnant I became hyper aware of what I was putting on my skin and the products I was using. Also, I wanted to continuing getting facials, but I was concerned about the safety of the products used in those treatments! I started Touch of Radiance to fill the need for a safe environment for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to relax and refresh their skin without concern. It has been amazing to be able to operate my business out of The Nest at Babymoon Inn where we are a part of such a supportive community!

What services do you offer?

Right now I offer a Custom Facial that is tailored to the needs of the my guest. There are several services in the works to be added in the future, but for now I offer a simple and relaxing treatment that can work for anyone.

What takes place during a facial?

During the consultation at the beginning of the treatment I give clients a quick foot bath so they can relax into the space. Next I do a breathing routine to help connect them to the treatment and allow them to leave their worries outside the door. I move into a double cleanse and tone followed by a skin analysis so I can see how we can customize the facial to their specific skincare needs and goals. The first mask applied will even tone and draw out oil under steam to help detox and prepare the pores for extractions. While the mask works on the face I do a foot massage so the client has a head-to-toe relaxing experience. I do all of my removals with hot towels to help increase circulation and nourish the skin cells. Then I do gentle extractions followed by a face and décolleté massage. While the second mask is working on the skin to provide deep hydration and healing antioxidants, I do a hand and arm massage. After the mask is removed with a hot towel, I do an moisture application of eye cream and moisturizer.

All of my treatments include consultations and recommendations to help maintain the integrity of the skin. Educating my clients on how to build a home care routine that works for their schedules and for the benefit of their skin is an important element of my job. I particularly love to empower my clients to take the health of their skin into their own hands by encouraging them to learn the ingredients in their products and how their skin can reap the benefits of those ingredients.

What is unique about your services or products?

My services are unique because they take a gentle approach, allowing your skin to respond to the products and not forcing results before the skin is prepared. I use all natural products from a local small business, Slather lotions, that have been created specifically for these treatments. I was able to consult on the creation of these products to make sure the ingredients are pregnancy safe, breastfeeding safe and plant based while be effective. I mix my own masks during the facial with high quality oils, mechanical exfoliants, a hydrating base and concentrated add-ins rich in plant extracts to make sure the treatment is specific to the client’s needs and focus.

Can one get a facial while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes! The treatments we do are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, but there are definitely questions you should ask before visiting your local spa. Always make sure that the Esthetician you are visiting has an adjustable table so that you don’t have to lie flat for too long, that the products being used are gentle and that the techniques and treatments aren’t too aggressive.

How often do you recommend your clients get facials?

Depending on the state of your skin, it can take around four weeks for your skin cells to turn over and be ready for another facial. There may be circumstances that require more frequent visits, but about a month is standard for most clients. A monthly treatment paired with a consistent home care routine and a good diet can provide the skin with everything it needs to be healthy and happy.

Anything else you want to share about yourself or your business?

Through December 25, you can purchase two gift certificates for $10 off or three gift certificates for $20 off!  Gift certificates are good for a 60-minute Custom Radiance Facial at The Nest At Babymoon Inn! Visit: to purchase your holiday gift certificates today! #givethegiftofwellness

Facials cost $60 and I have a no-tip policy.  Babymoon clients can choose to receive either a complimentary massage from Babymoon’s massage therapist or a complimentary facial with Touch of Radiance!

Also, I’ve streamlined my booking to be as simple as possible and I’ve adjusted my hours to include later Friday appointments and some Saturdays. You can see my availability and book online at, you can email me at or book through Babymoon Inn!

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