Postpartum Care

At Babymoon Inn, we reverence the sacred and important postpartum period (your babymoon).  Every client is encouraged to spend time at the facility relaxing and bonding after the birth.   After the initial period of the birth rush adrenalin has passed, most families are ready for a long nap.  We encourage our families to stay at the facility for 4-6 hours postpartum and then head home for that period of uninterrupted sleep.  You may stay at the facility for up to 24 hours if medically necessary, however.

After you leave the facility, your postpartum care continues.  We check on you by telephone frequently and can see you at the office if needed.  We provide a 2-day home visit and a 6-week postpartum appointment as part of our program of care (with more appointments available as needed).  We also welcome all of our families to a “Postpartum Party” at 2-3 weeks after birth, where you will meet other Babymoon families, discuss birth and parenting thus far, and receive a complimentary newborn photo session with our photographer.  Mommies are then welcome to attend Inn Mommies, our weekly support group held every Tuesday at The Nest.