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Sibling Birth Class

This class is for young children who are going to be welcoming a new sibling into the family. Celebrate the new BIG brother or sister in your family during this class all about them. The class begins with the whole group listening to a story, and then children and parents will travel to various stations and work at their own pace

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Mom and child in a Sibling Birth Classes in Phoenix AZ

Children will:

  • read stories about becoming a big sibling
  • decorate a onesie for the new baby
  • practice holding, bathing, and diapering a baby
  • spend quality time with parents before the new sibling arrives
  • pick out a new outfit for the baby*
      *Phoenix location
    What age range is this class for?

    This class is child-led and can be adapted for ages approximately 1-10.  For example, a one-year-old and a 10-year-old will both decorate a onesie, but the older child will likely spend a lot longer and the finished product will look a lot different!  A one-year-old will be read to, whereas a 10-year-old may read books to her parents, and they will likely have deeper conversations about the books.  

    Do I attend with my child?

    Yes.  An adult must be in attendance with the child. 

    When should I take this class?

    We recommend taking this class in your 8th month of pregnancy when the reality of a new little brother or sister is approaching.

    I already had my baby. Is it too late to take this class?

    No!  Sometimes plans change or babies arrive early.  We actually find that sibling class is a great way for a parent and older child to spend some time connecting together after the new baby has arrived.  It’s common for mom to stay home with the new baby while another parent or grandparent brings the older child to class.  

    How much does this class cost?

    The cost of this class is a $39 materials fee per child. This class is included at no additional charge for clients of Babymoon Inn. Please call us at 602-314-7755 if you need to register more than one child.

    How do I sign up for this class?

    Call us at 602-314-7755 or click “See when Sibling Class is offered” on the menu below. Please call if you need to schedule more than one child. Be sure you are scheduling for the correct location.

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