South Carolina Birth Center Regulations in Limbo – The Charleston Birth Place Fears New Restrictions

Photo Credit: Post and Courier, Grace Beahm

Photo Credit: Post and Courier, Grace Beahm

The Charleston Birth Place is an accredited birth center in South Caroline, owned and operated by Certified Nurse Midwife and former AABC President,  Lesley Rathbun.  Ms. Rathbun fears impending legislative process will greatly impact her ability to provide safe and appropriate clinical care.  The new regulations would require a doctor to visit the birth center when an emergency takes place in order to decide if the mother and child need to be taken to the hospital.  The Post and Courier explains:

Four years ago, state lawmakers passed a temporary fix that allowed birth centers to sidestep the regulations and remain open. That proviso, which has been renewed each year and will remain valid through June, allows birth centers to consult with a physician on-site or “by telecommunications or other electronic means.” It also requires the contracting physician to “be within a thirty minute drive of the birthing center or hospital.”

But a health care subcommittee of state lawmakers recently indicated it will not likely renew the proviso for another year. Rep. Murrell Smith, a Sumter Republican who chairs that subcommittee, did not return a message Friday.

Meanwhile, two bills have been introduced to permanently update the DHEC regulations, but similar laws have failed to gain traction in the past.

The Charleston Birth Place needs your help!  They encourage all birth center friends:

We need our supporters to click on the links, and make comments. Engaging the media helps us get H3133/S242 the legislative support needed to put all this behind us.

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