Healthcare Revolution: AHCCCS Thinks Its Members Are Not Interested In Birth Center Care - Babymoon Inn Birth Center

I recently sat down with Stina Sieg to discuss why the struggle birth centers face in getting AHCCCS coverage for our services.  Ms. Sieg also interviewed AHCCCS spokesperson Heidi Capriotti.  According to AHCCCS:

We haven’t heard directly from members that that’s their preference,” said AHCCCS spokesperson Heidi Capriotti.

Capriotti explained that if you’re a mom-to-be on AHCCCS and a birthing center experience is something you want, you should definitely contact her agency. But that’s probably not enough.

You’ve got to contact managed care provider – your health-care plan. They’re the ones who set the reimbursement rates. And Capriotti said they’re the ones who ultimately choose whether or not to include birthing centers in their coverage.

“But we are actively working with our managed care providers to explore options to expand the number of birthing centers available to our members,” she said.

If you are a member – do you agree?  It’s time to call AHCCCS and let them know that you do want birth center care!  Let’s actively work together for the change we want to see.

Read or listen to the entire piece here.

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