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Office Location (appointments and tour):  202 E. Morris Drive, Phoenix AZ  85012

Birth Center Location:  215 E. Lexington Ave., Phoenix AZ  85012

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Babymoon Inn Philosophy

Babymoon Inn is committed to a consumer-guided and professionally managed birth center where the clinical care is managed by midwives as independent providers working within the healthcare system.  Our philosophy under the Midwives Model of Care condenses into “family-centered care, mother-guided birth, and gentle baby practices.”

Babymoon Inn birth center was born out of the passion of families who wanted to provide access to midwifery care in a freestanding, out-of-hospital setting.  Our birth center allows low-risk women to experience birth in a comfortable, home-like setting where natural birth is the focus.

In addition to personalized, holistic, evidence-based care, Babymoon Inn provides a wide range of options and choices for birth and laboring.  We have birth props, stools, labor balls, and an endless supply of snacks and beverages.  Our lovely courtyard provides outdoor space and an inspirational mural.

Babymoon Inn is professionally managed, licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services, accredited as a birth center by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers, and a member of the American Association of Birth Centers.



Q: Why would I choose a freestanding birth center over a hospital?

A. A freestanding birth center is an outpatient, home-like setting where safe maternity care is provided to low-risk women. In our birth center, our philosophy of care supports the birthing families’ choices and desires in how they labor and give birth. Because labor and birth are considered normal events, the usual rigid protocols are not imposed on a normally laboring woman. We focus on what most often goes right with labor and avoid unnecessary intervention. As long as the mother and baby remain normal, strict timeframes for the progress of labor are not required.

In the birth center, some interventions are never employed, such as:

induction and augmentation of labor with oxytocin
continuous electronic fetal monitoring
epidural anesthesia
operative delivery

According to Henci Goer in Obstetrical Myths Versus Research Realities (A Guide to the Medical Literature), “…the routine interventions practiced in hospitals introduce risks….Birth center studies also uniformly report much lower rates of these interventions.”

Birth center studies uniformly report outcomes equivalent or superior to those of comparable women giving birth in the hospital.

Q. Are you a licensed health care facility?

A. Yes. We are a licensed and nationally accredited health care facility. We are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. We are nationally accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.

Q: Is this a safe way to have my baby?

A. Birth center studies (with care being given by midwives) in the medical literature uniformly report outcomes equivalent or superior to those of comparable women giving birth in the hospital. Fullerton and Severino report in a 1992 Journal of Nurse Midwifery the following… “[Low risk] women in hospital were more likely to receive an interventive style of labor and birth management [than similar women in birth centers.] Neonatal outcomes were…similar, although the incidence of sustained fetal distress, prolapsed cord, and difficulty in establishing respirations were significantly greater in the hospital sample. Hospital care did not offer any advantage…, and it was associated with increased intervention. The results of this study provide support for the National Birth Center Study’s conclusion that birth centers offer a safe and acceptable alternative fore selected pregnant women.”

Q: Do you do water births?

A. Yes! Where a mother chooses to give birth at Babymoon Inn is her choice and she has many options. Some of the benefits to laboring in the water include:

– Reduces sensory stimulus, thus producing less stress-related hormones
– Increases production of pain inhibitors, i.e., endorphins
– Decreases blood pressure
– Increases ability of the mother to focus
– Reduces the sensations of pain – an analgesic effect
– Increases skin elasticity, reducing the amount of perineal tearing
– Makes it easy for mom or dad (with midwife assistance) to “catch” their own baby because of the buoyancy of water
– Gentler birth for baby

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