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Babymoon Inn Doula Training & Certification Program

 Dive into what it means to be a doula and how to jump into work as a practicing doula in the birthing community. We want to not only educate you but support you and help you build a supportive community that will carry on into your work.  Join us for a 2 day training, then apply for our certification program.  

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Our doula training covers:

  • Maternity care and the role of doulas
  • Current state of maternal care
  • Defining the role of a doula
  • Normal labor progress
  • Comfort techniques and labor positions
  • Atypical labor, interventions, and navigating decision-making
  • Cesarean birth
  • Benefits of the golden hour
  • Initial breastfeeding support
  • Newborn procedures
  • A doula’s postpartum role
  • Prenatal support and doula self-care
  • Birth preferences and plans
  • Doula wellness
Doula Training class graduates at Arizona's Baby Moon Inn

Some of our recent doula trainings working together on a learning activity! After training, doulas can apply for Babymoon Inn’s certification program.

Babymoon Inn’s

Doula Certification Program


If you have completed a doula training program within the past two years, you are eligible to apply for Babymoon Inn’s certification program. This program takes 4-6 months and includes continuing education, mentorship from an experienced doula, shadowing opportunities, and on-call support during your certifying births.

Our mentorship program is highly competitive and we only accept a limited number of doulas. Participation in Babymoon Inn’s training program does not guarantee a spot in our certification program.  Completion of the certification program also does not guarantee employment at Babymoon Inn.


Our 2 day Doula Training Series is a $525.00 investment.
Our Doula Certification Program is a $400.00 investment.
Recertification is available for $75.00 (recommended every 2 years)

When I completed my training, the number one question new doulas had was if it was possible to shadow other doulas in the beginning. I feel extremely fortunate that I was able to do just that with Babymoon Inn. Walking into my first birth with a mentor helped me set my fears aside. I was able to focus on watching and learning how to best support the family instead of worrying if I was doing everything right. In the subsequent birth, it was exceedingly helpful to have another doula there to remind me that I knew what I was doing and also that she was there if I needed guidance. I am so grateful for having been able to experience the mentorship and know that it helped lay the groundwork for a fantastic doula career.

Natalie V.

The certification process was so beneficial to my experience as a doula. The shadowing allowed me to have access to a collective that could help me through different birthing experiences. It was so valuable to have an experienced hand along the way.

Danielle S.

BabymoonInn-doula class become a doula in Arizona

Being a part of the Babymoon doula mentoring program has allowed me to learn about doula work within a collective of doulas who are all deeply committed to birth justice for birthing people. Each of the doulas I have worked with have taught me something valuable and I would not have been able to have that kind of learning and support without the collective. I’ve never felt like I was doing it alone!

Kierra O.

While I was in my doula training, I was excited but nervous to venture into the birthing community on my own. Renette came to our last class and shared about the Babymoon Inn collective and the mentorship program. It was absolutely meant to be!  I was thrilled to be welcomed by experienced Doulas whom walked along side me as I started my own doula journey. Their knowledge, support and encouragement was exactly what I needed.

Raquel G.

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