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Birth Classes

Babymoon Inn offers a wide variety of childbirth classes that are open to everyone – whether you are birthing in a birth center, in the hospital or at home. Created by a team of experienced educators and birth professionals, our classes are evidence-based, engaging, and fun!


Our classes are based on the research that has been proven to lead to the best outcomes for moms and babies.

Hands-on Activity Based Birth Classes In Phoenix And Tucson Babymoon Inn Birth Center


You won’t find dull Powerpoints or hours of lecture in a Babymoon birth class!  Our classes incorporate movement, hands-on activities, and lots of conversation and interaction.

Experienced Educators for Birth Classes In Phoenix And Tucson Babymoon Inn Birth Center

Experienced Educators

Our educators go through a rigorous and continuous training progress to stay up-to-date on current research, recommendations, and effective teaching strategies for birth classes.

Class Offerings

The following birth classes are included in Babymoon Inn’s program of care but are also open to the community.

Comprehensive Childbirth Education Series

5 weeks, 2.5 hours per week

Whether you’re having your baby in the hospital, a birth center, or at home, this is the only class series you’ll need.  Based on the healthy birth practices, this class provides you with the tools and information you need for YOUR birth.  This comprehensive series covers :

  • Labor
  • Birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • Postpartum Care 
Note cards With things laboring moms might say at Babymoon Inn Lamaze Birth Class
Hands on learning aid at a babymoon Inn Blitz Birth Class Online, In Phoenix, or in Tucson


2.5 Hours

Have you given birth before but need a refresher on labor basics? Join us for this labor/birth refresher class, geared specifically towards families seeking an unmedicated birth. Also an excellent supplement to your hospital birthing classes.

Kids Getting Ready For A New Baby At A Babymoon Inn Sibling Birth Class

Sibling Class

1.5 hours

This class is geared toward young children who are going to be welcoming a new sibling into the family. Celebrate the new BIG brother or sister in your family during this class all about them.

Moms Learning About Breastfeeding at A Babymoon Inn Back To Work Class for new moms

Back to Work

1.5 hours

A frequent concern to arise in the breastfeeding portion of our Comprehensive Childbirth Education series is how to transition to being a working, breastfeeding parent. This class is recommended if you will be returning to work after the birth of their baby. 

A Couple Asking Questions at a Babymoon Inn Private Birth Class In Phoenix, Tucson, or Online.

Private Classes

2-hour minimum

Sometimes group classes aren’t a possibility. Contact us to schedule a private class with one of our experienced educators. Tell us a little about yourself and what you are hoping to learn, and we can create a custom class just for you.

To learn about additional classes exclusive to Babymoon Inn clients, please Click Here. 


Birthcenter Customer Quote

“Even as a second-time mom, it had been a while since I had a baby (5 years). I signed up for the 5-week Lamaze series with my husband who would be dealing with a baby for the first time. I was so surprised at the amount of information that was entirely new to me! As the series went on, my birth plan kept changing with the new information. I’m so thankful, because it gave my husband and I time to bond and learn and prepare for this new experience together. To make new friends who were in the same spot as us. It was great to see that Lamaze is nothing like it is on TV.”

Regan C.

Lamaze graduate

“As someone who does a lot of research and likes finding things out for myself, I was incredibly skeptical that Lamaze would add anything to my understanding. But it was clear after our first class that even if I did know a lot of the information, there was plenty I (and my partner) did not. Without the structured learning and group environment Lamaze at Babymoon gave us, we never would have found out what my triggers were in times of physical stress, what actually helped me cope, and how to best communicate to those surrounding me during labor, among so many other valuable lessons.”

Karen J.

Lamaze Graduate

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