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Prenatal care & birth

Babymoon Inn believes in mother-led, family-centered care. Our birth center allows low-risk women to experience birth in a comfortable, home-like setting where natural birth is the focus.

Our Model of Care

Babymoon Inn is committed to a consumer-guided and professionally managed birth center where the clinical care is managed by midwives as independent providers working within the healthcare system.  Our philosophy under the Midwives Model of Care condenses into “family-centered care, mother-guided birth, and gentle baby practices.”  We believe care should be individualized and that women should be active participants in their care. Below are just some of the things that make our model of care unique.

Longer Appointments

In order to establish trust and build a relationship with your midwives, your appointments are 30-60 minutes long.

24/7 Midwife Access

You have 24/7 access to your midwife by phone and through email. You don’t have to worry about answering services or voicemails – we’re always available to you!

Childbirth Education

We want you to feel confident and ready for your birth, which is why we include a comprehensive childbirth education program to prepare you for the journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Community Building

We offer weekly support groups, monthly lecture and crafting events, and a variety of other activities because we know the importance of community when you are a new parent. 

Postpartum Visits

Postpartum care should be comprehensive and a on ongoing process, rather than a single encounter. That’s why our midwives will see you at 2 days, 2 weeks and 6 weeks.

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding support is a crucial factor in breastfeeding success. We include unlimited lactation visits during the 6-week postpartum period.

Mom giving birth at Babymoon Inn after Prenatal Care with a midwife
pregnant mom taking a shower at out Babymoon in Pheonix birthcenter

Our program includes

  • Prenatal care with a midwife.  This includes extended appointment times and extensive education and support during your pregnancy.
  • Birth center birth attended by a midwife and birth assistant. Give birth surrounded by a team that fully supports you. 
  • Basic photography.  The first pictures of your baby are sweet memories to cherish. Allow us to take the photos so you can be present in the moment.
  • Postpartum care. Our midwives provide follow-up care approximately two days, two weeks, and six weeks after the birth of your baby.
  • Lactation support.  We want you to be successful at breastfeeding if that is your goal, so we include lactation support through the first six weeks postpartum.
  • Membership to The Nest.  Your Babymoon experience doesn’t end at six weeks postpartum!  We encourage you to come back and spend time in our support groups and community activities at The Nest – all included in your annual membership. 
Husband comforting wife laboring in a tub at babymoon inn
Husband and Wife Practicing labor skills in prenatal care at Babymoon Inn Birth Center
Birthcenter mom resting with her newborn daughter at the cottage at Baby moon Inn
Family together while mom goes thru natural Labor in a birthcenter

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can give birth at Babymoon Inn?

Birth in a birthing center caters to the healthy, low-risk mother. Some risk factors do not prohibit you from giving birth at the center, and some risk factors must be closely monitored by your midwife and/or by her consulting physicians. You are probably eligible for a birth center birth if you are healthy and without any chronic medical conditions. Your midwife will carefully screen you before admittance to the birth center and continuously evaluate you throughout your pregnancy to promote a safe and satisfying birth experience.

Our midwives do not attend VBAC, breech, or multiple births at the birth center.


Do you offer water birth?

Yes! Where a mother chooses to give birth at Babymoon Inn is her choice and she has many options. Some of the benefits to laboring in the water include:

– Reduces sensory stimulus, thus producing less stress-related hormones
– Increases production of pain inhibitors, i.e., endorphins
– Decreases blood pressure
– Increases ability of the mother to focus
– Reduces the sensations of pain – an analgesic effect
– Increases skin elasticity, reducing the amount of perineal tearing
– Makes it easy for mom or dad (with midwife assistance) to “catch” their own baby because of the buoyancy of water
– Gentler birth for baby


Why would I choose a freestanding birth center over a hospital?

A freestanding birth center is an outpatient, home-like setting where safe maternity care is provided to low-risk women. Because labor and birth are considered normal events, the usual rigid protocols are not imposed on a normally laboring woman. We focus on what most often goes right with labor and avoid unnecessary intervention. As long as the mother and baby remain normal, strict timeframes for the progress of labor are not required.

In the birth center, some interventions are never employed, such as:

– induction and augmentation of labor with  synthetic oxytocin
– continuous electronic fetal monitoring
– epidural anesthesia
– operative delivery

According to Henci Goer in Obstetrical Myths Versus Research Realities (A Guide to the Medical Literature), “…the routine interventions practiced in hospitals introduce risks….Birth center studies also uniformly report much lower rates of these interventions.”

Birth center studies uniformly report outcomes equivalent or superior to those of comparable women giving birth in the hospital.


Who will attend my birth?

Your birth will be attended by a Certified Nurse midwife and a birth assistant, who is either a registered nurse or a Certified Professional Midwife. The rest of your birth team is up to you!  We do not limit the number of people who come to your birth.

Can my children come to my birth?

Yes. Children are welcome at the birth center, but we ask that you bring an adult to care for the children so that you and your birth partner can focus entirely on the birth.

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