Birth Center FAQs - Babymoon Inn Birth Center

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested but overwhelmed. What is my first step?

This is normal!  The first step is to come take a tour. Call us at 602-314-7755 or schedule online here.  Tours are scheduled throughout the week, Monday through Thursday. 

Are you licensed and accredited?

Yes.  Babymoon Inn is the oldest accredited birth center in the Phoenix area and our new Tucson location was accredited in 2021.  Both locations are licensed health care facilities.  You can learn more about accreditation here

Who will be present at my birth?

Your birth will be attended by a Certified Nurse-midwife and a birth assistant.  Babymoon Inn birth assistants are all registered nurses or midwives.

Is this safe?

For healthy, low-risk women (and most women do fall into this category), birthing at an accredited birth center is not only safe, but the safest place to have your baby.

Read more about the research on birth centers here

What kind of pain relief do you offer?

When you labor at Babymoon Inn, you have the freedom to eat, drink, and move in whatever way feels good to you.  You’ll be able to respond to the sensations of labor in an instinctive way, without being tethered by cords or limited by arbitrary policies.  You have unrestricted access to a shower, tubs, a variety of tools for comfort, a team whose entire purpose and passion is to help you achieve a natural birth, an environment designed specifically to support and facilitate natural birth, and months of preparation and education from our midwives, doulas, and childbirth educators.  

Do you offer water birth?

Yes! You can labor and/or give birth in the water. Then you’ll move to the bed for some uninterrupted skin-to-skin – we’ll have fresh warm towels and blankets ready for you. 

When in labor do I come to the birth center?

Regardless of where you are giving birth, we encourage low-risk women to spend early labor at home!  When you head into the active stages of labor, this is a good time to come to the birth center. 

What if I need to go to the hospital?

In the event a transfer is necessary, a doula from Babymoon Inn will go with you and you will transfer to our collaborative physician practice and remain under the care of Babymoon Inn.

I'm interested in working for Babymoon Inn.

Great!  Please send a letter of interest and current resume to

My hospital has a "birth center." How are you different?

We highly encourage you to tour your potential place of birth long before your due date.  The American Association of Birth Centers clarifies, “The birth center is a health care facility for childbirth where care is provided in the midwifery and wellness model. The birth center is freestanding and not a hospital.”  

A birth center is more than a building – it’s an entire model of care.  Real birth centers are home-like and comfortable. They offer continuous labor support and 24/7 phone access to the provider. They are family-centered and see pregnancy and birth as a normal life event. 

Learn more about what birth centers really are here.

Why do you guys talk about snacks so much? What's the deal?

We do love our snacks.  But joking aside, coming to a birth center should feel like coming home. You should feel safe. You should feel loved. You should feel nourished – physically and emotionally.  In so many homes and cultures, food is the center of the family. Food sustains life – and what is Babymoon about if not helping to create and sustain life?  And that’s why you’ll find us offering food (and a hug!) in every building, at every class, at every event. 

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