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Our Tucson birth center location features a home like building, and a beautiful birthing suite with a built in tub for labor or water birth.

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Tucson Birth Suites

Young Mom Childbirth Education course experience at Babymoon Inn birthing center

Childbirth Education

Our birth class offerings include a comprehensive 5-week childbirth series, as well as maternity classes covering pumping, comfort measures, having a healthy pregnancy, & more.

children enjoying sensory play at a babymood whole family birth class at Baby Moon In near Down Town Phoenix Valley

Postpartum Community

The Nest is home to our weekly support groups, monthly crafting activities, lectures, CPR classes, our permanent clothing swap room, and other community events.  

children enjoying sensory play at a babymood whole family birth class at Baby Moon In near Down Town Phoenix Valley

Home-like Setting

Our birth suites offer a comfortable, home-like setting for your labor and birth. Featuring a gorgeous four-poster bed that has been lovingly restored by our community as well as a large, deep soaking tub available for labor and birth. 

Meet Our Tucson Team

Maya Z. Adams MSN, CNM

Maya Z. Adams MSN, CNM


Maya Adams was eighteen when she first exposed to midwifery, listening to her cousin talk about the experience of having her baby at a freestanding birth center.  After some starts and stops in college and life, she graduated with her nursing degree in 2002 from the U of A, moved to Colorado and worked as a labor and delivery RN until she became a midwife in 2010. Along the way she had her daughter at a birth center in Tucson, and her son at the hospital she worked at in Colorado. At the end of her midwifery program, she pursued a midwife position and was hired at the same birth center where her daughter was born, returning to Tucson in 2011. Her experience as a midwife has been attending both out-of-hospital birth center births and in-hospital births.

Maya values Babymoon Inn’s commitment to honoring women’s autonomy and birth choices, providing kind and gentle evidence based care, as well creating a community for families in their childbearing years. She is excited to join Babymoon Inn and serve women and families in Tucson.

In her free time, Maya enjoys spending time with her family and friends, camping, cycling, hanging out at home, and getting her hands messy with her clay projects.

Shilo Anderson

Shilo Anderson

Babymoon Inn Tucson Site Director

Elizabeth Mendoza, CPM

Elizabeth Mendoza, CPM


Elizabeth has a passion for helping families be informed and empowered throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys. She loves providing individualized and personalized midwifery care, recognizing that each client brings unique backgrounds, needs, and goals to the relationship.

A spark for midwifery started for Elizabeth with her teaching reproductive health classes to young people in 2010 and then she became a Lamaze educator and doula within the same year. After many years of teaching and supporting families, Elizabeth recognized the need for more local midwives, so she went back to school to become one and graduated in 2020. Elizabeth is a Certified Professional Midwife whose training and experience is focused on low-risk community-based midwifery care in home and birth center settings.

Elizabeth can often be found hiking around Tucson with an audiobook in her ear, volunteering at her 2 kids’ school, or at-home cooking and baking with her family.

Rodin Molina MSN, CNM, PMH-C

Rodin Molina MSN, CNM, PMH-C


I have been doing birth work in Tucson for over 14 years and feel passionate about supporting birth in Tucson. I feel lucky to have seen birth in a variety of settings, which has informed my philosophy of supported autonomy and shared decision making in birth.

Over the years I have worked as a doula, childbirth educator, postpartum support group leader, and home birth assistant. After graduating NAU nursing school in 2017, I worked with birthing and postpartum families at the hospital as an RN.

While finishing my Master’s in Midwifery I got my dream job working at Babymoon as a birth assistant. It felt easy to change roles after my graduation in 2022 because I was already a part of the Babymoon family.

Having worked in a variety of birth settings I feel truly grateful to work in an environment that deeply demonstrates my values and provides community for new and growing families. It is a true joy to see families empowered throughout their birth journey at Babymoon and to see them blossom and thrive as a result.

I had my own two babies with midwives, my first at the hospital and my second at home. Both were empowering experiences that fueled me forward in my respect and love for the birth process.

In my free time I enjoy running, climbing and doing circus arts. I’m an avid reader and armchair philosopher who equally loves academic texts and popular fiction.

Sarah Baxla

Sarah Baxla

Student Midwife

Sarah has been working with Babymoon Inn since 2020 as a certified birth doula, childbirth educator, admin assistant and midwifery student. Prior to birth work, Sarah worked in a domestic violence shelter for women and children. Through this job, she found love in supporting people in re gaining their power. After giving birth to her children under the care of midwives, she felt that same empowerment and decided to shift into a role in birth work. Sarah loves working with pregnant people in helping them move from “things happen to my body” into “I am in charge of my body and my birth.

In her spare time, you can find Sarah tending to her backyard chickens, hiking with her family or at weekly trivia night!

Gwynn Mertz

Gwynn Mertz

Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator

I graduated from ASU with a BS in Family and Human Development and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I am a Childbirth Educator at Babymoon Inn as well as a certified doula.

I entered birth work because I am fascinated by the process of birth and its effect on us. I had my first baby in June of 2022 (after two years of being a doula) and felt remade by my birth experience. I know now that I can do hard things, that I am brave, and that mother-love is a force stronger than I ever imagined. I want my work to empower people to experience these things themselves.

Coffee, good conversation, and books are some of my favorite things. I love spending time with my family, preferably outdoors- riding bikes, hiking, and walking around farmer’s markets.

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Tucson Maternity Services

Our Tucson location is our newest location. Check out our comprehensive childbirth education program!

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“Having had 2 hospital births and pregnancies under the care of an OBGYN and one birth center birth and pregnancy under the care of amazing midwives at Babymoon, there is no comparison.

At babymoon I had a say in my pregnancy care, labor, and birth with amazing evidence-based guidance from the midwives. I felt educated, respected, and empowered. The care was gentle and thorough. My questions were answered and not rushed. My concerns were addressed and not brushed aside. We made lifelong memories. Our birth was beautiful, peaceful and calm. We were safely monitored in ways that didn’t interrupt special moments. The birth center feels like home. Everyone feels like family.”

Michelle R.

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