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THe Nest at Babymoon Inn

The Nest is a place where families come to find community, be encouraged, and leave uplifted in their journey of parenting. Join us for weekly support groups, monthly activities and lectures, and our permanent year-round clothing swap.

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Membership benefits:

– Weekly mom-to-mom support groups

– Monthly Inn Mommies: Weekend Edition

– Monthly “We’re Talking” lecture events

– Year-round access to our permanent swap room

Inn Mommies: Cuddlers

Our weekly Cuddlers group offers new moms a place to relax and meet other moms. Babies from birth to crawling can attend Cuddlers, where their mamas will talk about breastfeeding, teething, sleep deprivation, returning to work, and the triumphs and struggles we experience daily. Bring your baby and come as you are!

Community Playgroup

Our weekly playgroup is open to all ages and all caregivers. This group is appropriate for toddlers or parents who may have a new baby and an older child. Many weeks will incorporate a story, sensory activity, or musicplay! Be sure to join our Facebook group to stay informed of our different events.

We're Talking...

“We’re Talking” events are held at least once monthly throughout the year and feature a local guest speaker presenting on the area of their expertise. Our wide range of topics includes Infant CPR, homeopathy for pregnancy & postpartum, Positive Discipline, carseat safety, infant massage, and more.

Inn Mommies: Weekend Edition

This event is a continuation of our weekly support groups where all ages are welcome. Inn Mommies groups are a safe, supportive space for mothers to come connect with others, walking the journey of parenthood together. Grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen and do real life. Together.

Crafty Mamas

Do you have board after board of Pinterest ideas stored on your phone and no time to complete them?  Each month, we feature a new craft for you to complete while you wear your babies or let them enjoy playtime with their friends. Past events have included string art, mom-and-me seed pots, and DIY natural bug repellent.

Mia's Closet

In addition to our events, The Closet is open for Nest Members to “shop” whenever a Nest event is taking place. This room is our year-round “mom swap,” dedicated to enriching each others’ lives through donations between families in the community. Our motto is “TAKE what you need, GIVE when you’re done.”

Membership Pricing

How do I set up a membership?

Come to a Nest event, or email and we are happy to help you set up your membership.  If you used Babymoon Inn’s midwifery practice during your pregnancy, your membership is included until your baby’s first birthday.


Do Babymoon Inn clients get a discount on their membership?

Even better! Your membership is included for a year if you have used Babymoon Inn’s midwifery OR doula services. The year begins when your baby is born and you can attend all of our support groups and events at no additional charge.  When your baby is a year old, come see us for your annual exam and your membership renews for another year at no additional charge.


Is there any other way to get a discounted membership?

Yes! If you take our 5-week Lamaze series, you can add on an annual membership for only $50.


Can I pay for individual events without setting up a membership?

No, but you are welcome to set up a monthly membership and cancel at any time..

Do I need multiple memberships if I have more than one child?

No!  Your membership covers all of your children.

Where can I find your online support group on Facebook?

Find our Facebook group here.  This group is open to all mommies, regardless of where they gave birth.


November 2020

  • Healthy Pregnancy Class
  • Story Time at the Park
  • Week 1 Lamaze
  • Week 4 Lamaze
  • Week 2 Lamaze
  • Week 5 Lamaze
  • Week 2 Lamaze
  • We’re Talking: Introduction to Acupuncture
  • Papa-Prep Hour
  • Story Time at the Park
  • Week 2 Lamaze
  • Week 5 Lamaze
  • Week 3 Lamaze
  • Week 1 Lamaze
  • Week 3 Lamaze
  • Tour of Babymoon Inn
  • Mind-Body Movement
  • Mind-Body Movement Tucson
  • Mother’s Blessing
  • Story Time at the Park
  • Week 1 Lamaze
  • Week 3 Lamaze
  • Week 4 Lamaze
  • Week 2 Lamaze
  • Crafty Mamas
  • Sibling Class
  • Week 4 Comprehensive Childbirth Class
  • Blitz
  • Story Time at the Park
  • Week 2 Lamaze
  • Week 4 Lamaze
  • Tour of Babymoon Inn

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