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Our Phoenix birth center location features a separate home-like building that houses the delivery facility. This center contains two birthing suites, each with its own built-in tub for labor or water birth. 

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Phoenix Birth Suites

Midwifery Team

Kimberly Flake CNM

Kimberly Flake CNM

Clinical Director, Midwife

 Kimberly is a Certified Nurse Midwife who wholeheartedly believes in birth and loves to serve families as they walk this journey. She has been supporting women and their families throughout the birth process since 2002, first as a doula, then as a monitrice, and now as a midwife. She has her Bachelor’s in nursing from Grand Canyon University and graduated with her Master’s in nurse midwifery from Frontier Nursing University in spring of 2014, embracing Frontier’s well-respected philosophy of serving the community.

Kimberly says the birth center environment here at Babymoon Inn is one of support, celebration and community. Kimberly has also volunteered for Midwives for Haiti, and hopes to continue to be able to participate and serve in other countries that need assistance in maternal health.

Kimberly is a mother of four and has resided in Arizona since she was a child. Her desire to become a midwife stemmed from having wonderful midwifery care through all of her pregnancies and births. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, sky diving, and reading.

Maribeth Diver CNM

Maribeth Diver CNM


Maribeth became a Certified Nurse-Midwife in 2001 after working as an L&D nurse in a hospital setting for seven years prior.  Her experience in hospital is what led her to move toward focusing primarily on out-of-hospital birth, as she realized that outcomes for healthy, low-risk women were better in a home or birth center setting.

Maribeth appreciates Babymoon’s committment to truly evidence-based practice and also honoring each family’s right to informed choice with their birthplan.

Maribeth’s time as a midwife has included working in Laos, a small country in southeast Asia, and Lancaster, PA, where she worked as a home birth midwife in the Amish community.  Maribeth came to Arizona in 2015, where she currently lives with her daughter Liana.

Kathy Adams LM CPM

Kathy Adams LM CPM

Clinic Midwife

Kathy first found her way to birth work during her undergraduate program at ASU, where she studied childbirth in America and became passionate about educating and advocating for women in the childbearing year. Her interest in midwifery continued after graduating in 2008 and moving to Portland, Oregon, where she enrolled at Birthingway College of Midwifery and spent three years learning how to safely and gently care for women and babies outside of the hospital setting. A proud third-generation Arizona native, Kathy returned to the Southwest in late 2015 and is now happy to say that she is a licensed practitioner in her home state.

Kathy balances her time between the Babymoon clinic office and the birth center. When she’s not helping clients with lactation, doing prenatal appointments, keeping medical records and lab results in order, or talking shop with the Babymoon ladies, Kathy enjoys hiking, sunbathing, drawing, horseback riding, growing succulents, and parenting her elderly dog, George.

Phoenix Maternity Services

Our Phoenix location is home to The Nest – our community building that is home to our postpartum support groups, events, and activities – as well as our wellness center, The Cottage, and a comprehensive childbirth education program.

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Young Mom Childbirth Education course experience at Babymoon Inn birthing center

Childbirth Education

Our Phoenix birth class offerings include a comprehensive 5-week childbirth series, as well as maternity classes covering pumping, comfort measures, having a healthy pregnancy, & more.

children enjoying sensory play at a babymood whole family birth class at Baby Moon In near Down Town Phoenix Valley

Postpartum Community

The Nest is home to our weekly support groups, monthly crafting activities, lectures, CPR classes, our permanent clothing swap room, and other community events.  

Woman Getting a Prenatal therapeutic massage, facials, women’s physical therapy at Babymoon Inn's Phoenix birthcenter

Wellness Center

A sanctuary for every body, the Cottage at Babymoon Inn offers prenatal and therapeutic massage, facials, women’s physical therapy, and a retail space featuring unique local products.

“Having had 2 hospital births and pregnancies under the care of an OBGYN and one birth center birth and pregnancy under the care of amazing midwives at Babymoon, there is no comparison.

At babymoon I had a say in my pregnancy care, labo
r, and birth with amazing evidence-based guidance from the midwives. I felt educated, respected, and empowered. The care was gentle and thorough. My questions were answered and not rushed. My concerns were addressed and not brushed aside. We made lifelong memories. Our birth was beautiful, peaceful and calm. We were safely monitored in ways that didn’t interrupt special moments. The birth center feels like home. Everyone feels like family.”

Michelle R.

Where To Find Us

202 E. Morris Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85012

(602) 314-7755

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