Lactation Consults - Babymoon Inn Birth Center

Lactation Support

If breastfeeding is your goal, we want you to be successful. Our lactation services are available to the community, regardless of your child’s age or your birthing location.

Babymoon Inn offers private, individual lactation support with a breastfeeding expert.  Your consult will last around 1.5 hours and will include a full assessment of latch, sucking skills, and your baby’s weight.  Your consult also includes follow-up support and membership to our postpartum community and support groups 

When to seek breastfeeding help: 

  • you are experiencing breastfeeding challenges
  • soreness or pain in the breasts or nipples
  • concern about milk supply
  • inadequate weight gain
  • general questions about breastfeeding/pumping/weaning
  • you have questions or want reassurance that your baby is breastfeeding and growing well

To schedule a lactation consult, please call our office.


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