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Our estheticians offer customized facials tailored to your needs. Choose from a prenatal or postpartum facial, or try one of our rotating seasonal options!

(Phoenix Location)

Your facial begins with a neck and shoulder massage and a consultation with our esthetician regarding allergies, sensitivities, or medications that may impact which products are best suited for your skin.  From here, your facial will be customized to your skin’s needs and may include the use of a Wood’s Lamp to assess sun damage, followed by cleansing and steaming of the skin. If necessary, the esthetican can perform extractions manually, using a loop tool, or with an ultrasonic skin scrubber.  A lymphatic drainage massage then promotes movement of the lymph fluids which help remove toxins from facial, neck, and decollete areas.  While your mask is setting, relax and enjoy a hand massage too!

Facial Options

Prenatal Glow: $79

The hormonal changes of pregnancy are often reflected in our skin. Come in for a refreshing facial and learn how to keep up with your changing skin with our prenatal glow facial. 60 minutes.

Postpartum Replenish:  $79

Replenish and rejuvenate your skin with our postpartum facial. 60 minutes.

Custom Cottage Facial:  $79

Our estheticians will examine your skin and create a customized facial based on your needs. 60 minutes.

Seasonal Facial:  $79

Ask about our rotating seasonal facial options!

Enhance Your Experience 

Include any of the following in your massage. If booking through the MindBody app, please write in notes which enhancement you would like to include in your service.

Aromatherapy:  $10

Your facial will include pure essential oils of your choosing to promote relaxation, decrease stress, or boost energy.

Reflexology:  $10

Your esthetician will apply pressure to specific areas of the feet to stimulate nerve function, boost energy, and eliminate toxins.

Cold Stones:  $10

Cold stones reduce pain and swelling, alleviate sinus pressure, decrease anxiety, and improve energy.

Dermaplaning:  $20

Removes villus hair as well as the layer of dead skin cells on the outermost layer of the epidermis. This allows for skin products to work more effectively while promoting brighter and smoother skin.

Plan a Visit

To schedule an individual massage or facial, you can easily self-schedule using the MindBody app or Web site at right.  For couples massages, physical therapy, or to schedule upgrades, please call us at 602-314-7755.

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