February 21, 2017
Partners – can you relate to this?  How did witnessing the miracle of childbirth change you?  Excerpt – Why there’s no going back after witnessing childbirth: “And then, a few hours later,” he says, lowering his voice as if he is about to impart the answer to all the secret mysteries of the universe, “they sent...
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Photo Credit: Post and Courier, Grace Beahm
Photo Credit: Post and Courier, Grace Beahm The Charleston Birth Place is an accredited birth center in South Caroline, owned and operated by Certified Nurse Midwife and former AABC President,  Lesley Rathbun.  Ms. Rathbun fears impending legislative process will greatly impact her ability to provide safe and appropriate clinical care.  The new regulations would require a...
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Guess what?  Eating, drinking and moving in labor promotes a more effective labor!  And there is a new study to support what we have known in the birth center setting for a while… We predict the next study will evaluation the benefits of proper hydration while exercising.  Ha. Ha. Here is the study citation and...
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Have you ever wondered why many medications aren’t studied in pregnant women?  Have you noticed that even most over-the-counter medications or supplements carry the warning to “consult with your provider” before using in pregnancy?  Did you know that up to 95% of late-stage clinical trials still exclude pregnant women AND is estimated that over 50%...
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